Could Physiotherapy Help?

Are you struggling with your mobility and managing everyday tasks? Do you have a relative or friend that you feel may be able to walk but are currently unable and you don’t know how best to help them? Or have you returned from a hospital stay and not quite managing to get back to your previous functional level?

The Mobility Physio aims to maintain or regain function, where possible, by improving strength and challenging balance. Practicing functional tasks and mobility means that you gain the specific muscles, strength and skills required to undertake them. Whether it is getting in and out of bed or walking to the shop, practicing these tasks can improve quality of life by increasing independence.

Whether you (or your relative/friend) are at home or at a residential or nursing home, physiotherapy may help increase function and improve quality of life. You may just want to be able to get out of bed, improve your balance to decrease your risk of falls or you may have been unwell and your function is not as good as it was previously. There is no need to settle for what you feel might be inevitable loss in ability that comes with getting older. The Mobility Physio can help give you an exercise program to strengthen muscles and increase range of movement and improve your balance.

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